Statement from Mayor Weaver on RTAB Decision to Strike Down Proposed Water Lien Moratorium

Flint, MI – Flint Mayor Karen Weaver issued the following statement Tuesday after the state appointed Receivership Transition Advisory Board struck down a one-year moratorium on water liens as proposed by Flint City Council:

“From the very beginning I made it clear that as Mayor of Flint and a Flint resident, I understand the concerns that have been raised about the tax liens. I do not agree with the RTAB’s decision today to strike down the proposed moratorium on the liens.

However, it seems that RTAB felt it was necessary due to Council’s decision of not supporting the longterm water source recommendation which means the City will now have to purchase water at a much higher price along with several other costly financial obligations that could have been avoided. 

I am ordering the City’s Chief Financial Officer to not transfer the liens to the County.”