City of Flint Strategic Plan and Quarterly Updates

The progress of the City of Flint is now defined by the steps it takes to achieve its stated vision, mission, and goals. Flint City government is focused on enabling Flint to become an attractive place to live, work, play, study, and visit. In order to do this, the city government must become and remain financially stable, must provide residents, businesses, students, and visitors with an adequate level of municipal services. It must also have the capacity to encourage and guide others in the achieving its vision and goals.

Achievement of the vision will be measured by the progress which is being made towards specific goals and objectives. Many of those goals include increasing public safety, improving infrastructure, creating jobs and development, eliminating blight, engaging citizens and managing the financial and administrative challenges which are reflective of an organization striving to maintain sustainable financial solvency. The City’s continued implementation of the City’s Strategic Plan is a tremendous step toward ensuring that residents are aware of the great progress made and the challenges the City faces.Much of this work is done in partnership with the community and everyone is to be commended for their willingness to embrace change.

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