Water Treatment Plant

Water Plant

The Flint Water Treatment Plant employees are responsible for operating the water supply and purification system, including three drinking water reservoirs, four pump stations, four dams on the Flint River, and the water quality testing laboratory.

The Water Plant, which was originally constructed in 1952, underwent a major renovation in April 2014.  The renovations allows the City to filter and purify higher volumes raw water of which is to be supplied as a potable water to the City residents and service areas.  Flint currently purchases treated Lake Huron Water from Detroit as its primary water source.

Should there be any water quality complaints or requests for technical information regarding water quality, Holloway Reservoir, Kearsley Lake, Thread Lake, and Flint River water levels call (810) 787-6537 for assistance.

City of Flint Water Reports and Communications References and Helpful Information
Annual Water Quality Report 2020
Quarterly Water Quality Report_Oct 15
August 2015 MOR Flint Mayor Water Support Request
July 2015 MOR Water Presentation to City Council 9-14-2015
Flint-TTHM-Operational Evaluation Report August 2015 U.S. EPA Lead Safety Tips Q&A
June 2015 MOR COF Water Advisory Comittee Questions & Answers March 2015
July 2015 Letter to Water Customers Keep the Water Flowing Flyer
2014 City of Flint Annual Water Quality Report Operational Evaluation Report
Water Treatment Plant Monthly Operating Report May 2015 EPA 141.165 Chlorination Guidlines
Water Treatment Plant Monthly Operating Report Mar. 2015 Revised-Public-Notification-Handbook-CWS
Water Quality Update to Residents April 2015
Water Treatment Plant Upgrades March 2015
Veolia Water Quality Report to Flint
Water Treatment Plant Monthly Operating Report Feb. 2015
Water Sysytem FAQ Update 2-16-15
Water Treatment Plant Monthly Operating Report Jan. 2015
CoF Water Quality Report Summary Dec. 2014
TTHM Level Chart _ 2014
City of Flint Violation Notice – MCL TTHM 12_16_14
CoF Water System Q&A

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