Blight Elimination and Neighborhood Stabilization

volunteers and homeownerThe Blight Elimination Division fights blight on a daily basis, working with residents and other stakeholders to clean sites, mow grass, and to board and demolish vacant structures. Flint faces enormous blight challenges due to decades of population loss and property abandonment. The prevalence of these issues prompted citizens to identify blight elimination as a key objective in Imagine Flint, the City’s Master Plan. The Blight Elimination Division strives to make Flint safer and more vibrant while removing impediments to future development.

September 2016 article in Flint’s The HUB magazine on the work of the Blight Division! 

November 2015 article in Flint’s On the Town magazine “Blight Elimination = Bright Future” (pg. 54-56)

Funded Demolitions: To see those structures currently funded and scheduled for demolition, and to see other activities City partners are taking to fight blight, click here.

The City of Flint’s Planning Commission adopted Beyond Blight: A Blight Elimination Framework in February 2015 as an action plan for the next five years. There is a Beyond Blight Handout or you can Click here to view the five-year, data-driven plan to eliminate blight in Flint.

Here are the benchmarks of plan, which the city is working to achieve within five years.

• Remove 71,000 tons of garbage
• Board 4,235 vacant structures, or one out every nine houses
• Demolish 5,500 vacant and blighted structures
• Mow 119,000 vacant properties annually
• Demolish 5,028 residential structures, or one out of every eight houses
• Demolish 432 commercial structures, or one out of every six business buildings
• Reuse 5,000 vacant lots
• Bring 95 percent of properties into compliance with local ordinances
• Structurally and functionally rehabilitate 850 houses
• Increase commercial building occupancy by 15 percent

Before and After pictures to show an example of the positive impact of the work of the Blight Division…. in 2016, they assisted with over 100 Neighborhood Clean-ups!

               2671eastlawn-before  2671eastlawn-after

               1321neubert-before  1321neubert-after

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Community Cleanup Information

Application for 2017 Cleanup Resources:
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2017 Neighborhood Cleanup Resource Calendar

How To Reach Us:

Blight Elimination Division
1101 S. Saginaw St.
Flint, MI 48502
Phone: 810-237-2090
Neighborhood Safety Officers:
Coverage Map (by Ward) 

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday from
9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Blight Elimination and Neighborhood Stabilization Staff

Blight Elimination Coordinator – Raul Garcia [email protected]

Blight Management Analyst – Joel Arnold [email protected]

Blight Elimination Laborer – Adam Schumacher [email protected]

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