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Request for Proposals for Contractor for Architectural Services for McKinley Community Center – posted May 7th, due May 23rd

Request for Proposals for Contractor for Commercial Facade Improvement Program
– EXTENDED DEADLINE – posted May 2nd, due May 31st
– ADDITIONAL INFORMATION AVAILABLE FOR APPLICANTS – a bidding entity called on 5/9/18 and asked 5 clarifying questions; the answers we provided are below:

Question #1: We don’t understand what you want us to do? Do we go out to the areas identified and tell you what we think needs to be done?
Answer #1: The RFP references façade improvement work at businesses in the 4 target areas, but we don’t know exactly which businesses / what work will be completed yet. We are seeking a contractual relationship with a contractor who will be our partner when meeting with interested businesses to look at the available funding and determine the project scope as well as oversee the construction work. What is meant by “available funding” is that this is a match program where the business owner invests 25% of the project cost and the city provides a grant for the remaining 75% utilizing CDBG (federal) funding. So if a business owner wants to invest $500 or $1500, there will be a project budget that is either $2000 or $6000. The City will be confirming at the beginning of the process that the business owner has their share of the project cost ready to spend (in a bank account) so there is no concern for payment in full at the end of the project.

Question #2: Are all potential clients funneled through the City first? It’s not up to the contractor to go out and solicit customers?
Answer #2: All potential clients are funneled through the City. We are doing outreach to business owners in all 4 target areas and applications will be collected, reviewed, and approved by the City’s Planning Division.

Question #3: Is the $75K cap firm? Is there potential to extend the project if it is successful?
Answer #3: We are hopeful that, with proven success, we can make the case for additional funding for the program.

Question #4: What are you looking for from us on June 1st?
Answer #4: Responses are due at 3pm on Thursday May 31st. Section 5 of the RFP defines the submission items we are looking for:

  • Point person – this person will be the single point of contact for the city
  • Proof of licensing – no unlicensed employees can be paid with federal funds
  • Understanding of all the different types of workers that will be used and that each one will need to paid wages that comply with Davis Bacon (Appendix B)
  • What administrative costs (on top of general material costs) will the contractor pass onto the city?
  • Understanding that all necessary city permits (as appropriate for each individual business project) will be pulled by Contractor (and part of the costs that will be paid by the city)

Question #5: When and how will we interact with the business owner?
Answer #5: We are looking for the Contractor to be our partner during initial meetings when defining project scope, bringing their understanding of materials/labor cost and time to set the correct level of expectations so everyone is on the same page.


Expired listings:

Request for Qualifications for Urban / Graphic Design Services – posted March 23, due April 6