Frequently Asked Questions

What is gross income?

Flint Income Tax is imposed on gross income. If there is any question as to whether a specified source of income is taxable we suggest that you presume it is, in order to avoid probable penalty and interest assessments for non-withholding.

What if I do not include a payment with my return?

Taxpayers who file a return timely but do not include payment with the return will be assessed penalty and interest up to the time the payment is made.

What is withholding?

Any taxes withheld by an employer are held in trust. Consequently it is illegal to withhold any sum and not subsequently forward it to the Division of Taxation as required by law. Businesses must deposit withheld taxes monthly or quarterly, depending upon the amount withhold.

What are extensions?

You may request more time to file your return by sending payment of your estimated annual liability to the City of Flint with a written request for an extension (up to 6 months) on or before the due date of your return.

An extension of time to file is not an extension of time to pay.

What is the City of Income Tax Rate and what type of Income is taxable?

The Income Tax rate is one percent (1%) for residents and 1/2% for non-residents. Generally, gross income (including income which is deferred) and business net profits are taxable. A list of taxable and non-taxable income is available from our Income Tax Office and on our instruction sheet.

I am retired. My only income is from Social Security, company pension, interest, and dividends. Am I required to file a City of Flint Income Tax Return?

If the amount of your interest and dividend income exceeds your personal exemption then you are required to file a City of Flint tax return. However, your social security and company pension are not taxable to the City of Flint.

If an individual files late is there a penalty?

Yes, The penalty rate is 1% per month up to 25%. Also, interest is charged for late payments.

Can I receive assistance in preparing my City of Flint Income Tax Return?

Unfortunately, we do not have the staffing to assist in preparing tax returns. However, Income Tax Division personnel can assist you with questions regarding the tax forms.

Can I obtain a copy of the City of Flint Income Tax Ordinance?

Click on Ordinances Link on the main page to view the tax ordinances online or click here now. (Uses Adobe Acrobat Reader)

What do I do with a 1099?

It is a requirement of the Income Tax Division that copies of 1099’s (for other than interest or dividend payments) be submitted by both the payer and the recipient of a 1099.