Business Services and Permitting

Our goal is to provide streamlined, business friendly plan review, permitting, property disposition, and business licensing in compliance with state and local laws in order to protect the health and welfare of the community. The Building and Safety Division is able to provide inspection services for all trades – building, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical. All of our inspectors are licensed by the state of Michigan.

Building and Safety Inspections

Our Inspection Division includes all trades inspections. Our Inspectors are licensed by the State of Michigan. To schedule an Inspection, please call (810)766-7284.

Business Service Forms

Resource Description Actions
Building Board of Appeals Application Open File | Download
Non-Rental Affidavit Open File | Download
Rental Inspection Consent Form Open File | Download
Rental Registration Open File | Download
Application for Electrical Contractor’s License Open File | Download
Certificate of Appropriateness application form Open File | Download
Residential Abandoned Property Dissolution Form Open File | Download
Residential Abandoned Property Registration Form Open File | Download

Permit Applications

Resource Description Actions
Street Maintenance Permit Open File | Download
Plumbing Permit Open File | Download
Electrical Permit Open File | Download
Application for Building Permit Open File | Download
Mechanical Permit Open File | Download
Water Service and Sewer and Drain Permit Open File | Download


Building & Safety Office
Monday – Thursday from 9am – 3pm
Building & Safety Office Building Inspector
Jack Hippe
Building & Safety Office Building Official
Michael Reiter
Building & Safety Office Code Development Technician
James Anderson
Building & Safety Office Code Enforcement Inspector II
Bruce Mackey
Building & Safety Office Electrical Inspector
Eric Palmateer
Building & Safety Office Plumbing & Mechanical Inspector
Kristie Welsh