Where can I find data on water testing?
Environmental Protection Agency, visit www.epa.gov/flint/flint-water-sampling-objectives
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, visit www.michigan.gov/flintwater
Virginia Tech, visit www.flintwaterstudy.org
Wayne State University, visit www.flint.wayne.edu/

Are filters effective at removing lead?
Studies confirm water filters are effective at removing lead and other contaminants by 99.9% when properly installed and adequately maintained. Filters are available at water distribution sites or can be delivered by calling the United Way by dialing 2-1-1. It is important that every household uses a properly installed and maintained NSF-certified water filter.
The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CDC (Center for Disease Control) tested water filters in Flint and found that NSF-certified filters being distributed by the state make water safe from lead. Samples were collected at high-risk locations at homes with full-lead service lines, galvanized plumbing, and where the most vulnerable populations live.

Need Help Installing a Filter?
Need help installing a filter on your faucet? Call for CORE (Community Outreach and Education teams are going door to door to ensure that homes have properly installed and maintained filters, and faucet replacement if needed.  Call for CORE at 810-238-6700
You may also email your question to: [email protected].

When will the water be safe to drink without a filter?
Scientists from all levels of government and independent experts must agree the water is safe to use without a filter before a date can be provided. The commitment remains to the City of Flint and bottled water, filters, and testing kits will continued to be provided until the water is deemed to meet quality standards.

Pipe Replacements Efforts
Replacement of lead service lines continues to be the long-term objective. Mayor Karen Weaver, through her FAST Start Program, remains committed to replacing all the lead service lines leading to homes in Flint. The state has provided $27.5 million for pipe replacement and is working with the City of Flint to continue efforts to replace lead service lines. In December 2016, Congress passed a $170 million package to help the City of Flint recover after state and federal actions left its drinking water system poisoned by lead. The agreement includes $100 million in new federal funding to help Flint fix and repair water infrastructure, like replacing lead tainted pipes. The mayor’s goal for 2017 is to replace pipes leading to 6,000 homes in Flint.

Expanded Health Care Coverage
Medicaid coverage is available at no cost to many Flint residents who have been served by the Flint water system since April 2014. This includes children and adults up to age 21 and pregnant women. Additional information can be found online at www.michigan.gov/mibridges, by phone at 1-866-789-5610, TTY 1-866-501-5656 or by visiting a Department of Health and Human Services office.

Where Can I Find More Information or Resources?
Call United Way 2-1-1 

Or Visit the following websites:



Water Bill Help




If you need assistance installing your filter or have any questions about filter usage, contact the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) at 810-238-6700 or [email protected].