NEWS RELEASE   2/25/2010

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•      Mayor Dayne Walling will present his first annual State of The City Address. The theme of the speech is “A Season Of Change”. The tone will be truthful, but hopeful. “Our tasks are great. Our will is being tested by the many challenges we face every day. But our spirit will not be defeated by the circumstances of this season of change,” said Mayor Walling;

•      The speech will include the mayor’s latest proposal to help trim the budget deficit “With the police and fire unions who have not agreed yet to a 15% cost concession through the contracts, there is a weeks window of opportunity before layoffs go into effect. I am asking that my new proposal for sharing health care costs be taken up by the city’s police and fire unions,” said Mayor Walling;

•      Mayor Walling will call for more shared sacrifice among city employees as we during this unprecedented lean season. “Shared sacrifice equals fewer human casualties of this budget crisis. Shared sacrifice saves jobs; I want to save jobs and keep services strong,” said Mayor Walling;

•      The speech will highlight assets in each of the city’s nine wards. “An asset is defined as somebody or something that is useful and contributes to the success of something. We are a community rich in assets: people; foundations; organizations; places of worship; community groups; block clubs; colleges and universities; schools; world class hospitals; and top notch cultural amenities,” said Mayor Walling.


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