Birthdate: March 3, 1974
      Research fellow for the Genesee Institute at the Genesee County Land Bank Family: Married to Carrie, two children, Bennett, 6, and Emery, 2

      Education: Graduate of Flint Central High School; bachelor's in social relations from Michigan State University; bachelor's in modern history from University of Oxford; master's in urban affairs from University of London; doctoral candidate at University of Minnesota
      Political experience: Field coordinator for U.S. Rep. Dale E. Kildee; get out the vote for National Voice; manager of research and communication in Washington D.C. mayor's office; policy advocate for Urban Coalition of Minnesota
      Hobbies: Basketball, bowling, running, jazz, reading with my children



Mayor Dayne Walling


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Mayor's student cabinet

Welcome to the "About MSC" page where you will learn more about the structure and terms of reference for this committee of council for the City of Flint MAYOR’S STUDENT CABINET

The Mayor’s Office and the Human Relations Commission are committed to meeting the needs of every resident the City of Flint. Therefore, the City of Flint Student Cabinet has been established as a mechanism for the ideas, energy, and insights of young people and students in the Flint area to be channelled to help solve community problems and guide the work of City Hall in a meaningful way as we move together toward a sustainable 21st Century City of Flint with new jobs, safe neighborhoods and great schools.   The City of Flint Student Cabinet creates a viable avenue for Flint youth and students to voice their concerns as well as provide solutions to community issues. The Student Cabinet is expected to provide ongoing input into city affairs. The cabinet will serve as a standing advisory committee to the Mayor. When appropriate, members will submit reports and/or recommendations to appropriate city departments and officials.  

High school and college students interested in serving on the cabinet are asked to complete the Student Cabinet Application and submit it with a one-page resume or biographical statement. Final selections for the Student Cabinet and committees will be made by the Mayor’s Office, the Executive Director of the Human Relations Commission, and the Commission’s Youth Committee.  

Monthly meetings will be held in the Mayor’s Conference Room to discuss current proposals from the Mayor’s Office, Department heads, or City Council members. The cabinet may establish working groups to research proposals and develop new recommendations. The cabinet will approve any committee recommendations before they are referred on to the appropriate department.   Structure of the

Student Cabinet
Student Cabinet will elect two members to serve as co-chairs and one member as secretary of the cabinet. The terms will be one year each. The co-chairs will assist in conducting meetings and will serve as the official spokespersons of the cabinet. If a member of the Student Cabinet is absent from more than three consecutive meetings, he/she will be no longer be a Cabinet member.

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