Neighborhood Action
December 04, 2012 05:45 PM 


Neighborhood Action is about citizens defining Flint's future and creating a common foundation for economic development, public safety, and other community improvements. Neighborhood Action is designed to allow residents the opportunity to help guide the deployment of limited resources in ways that best meet their needs and desires. It is a citywide initiative that covers every ward and builds on the assets of every area. Phase one is aimed at identifying strategic priorities and discussing assets and challenges. Phase two is centered on turning priorities into projects and assets into action items. Phase three is focused outlining resources and accountability to ensure that neighborhood plans are implemented. The purpose is to generate ideas to help build on the assets and identity specific action items that will provide solutions to address the ward by ward challenges.

Neighborhood Action is about partnerships. Joining with Mayor Walling and the City of Flint Department of Community and Economic Development are a number of community partners including: Neighborhoods Small Grants Program Advisory Committee of the Community Foundation of Greater Flint; The Ruth Mott Foundation Applewood Initiative for Gardening and Community; Genesee County Land Bank Authority, Resource Genesee; and UM-Flint Outreach

Neighborhood Action Plans are developed through the following phases:

PHASE 1 - Introductory Phase Fall 2009

bullet Identify strategic priorities for our city and begin to discuss assets and challenges facing the community

PHASE 2 - Strategy Phase Winter 2010

bullet Generate ideas to help build on the assets and identify specific actions that provide solutions to address our challenges

PHASE 3 - Action Phase Spring 2010

bullet Identify resources to assist with the implementation of the action plan

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