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Mayor's opportunity for all plan


Opportunity for All Plan
It is time for a bold plan of change for Flint. The Mayor's Opportunity for All Plan shows how all of Flint's families and children can have more opportunities. This is how we will bring jobs and development for the new economy. It starts with our neighborhoods and schools. Getting these things done in cooperation with the City Council will bring positive change to Flint and bring City Hall into the 21st Century.

Bringing Jobs and Development for the New Economy

21st Century Jobs: Attract new jobs of the 21st century in new manufacturing, healthcare, energy, and environmental technology
Citywide Redevelopment: Clean up and re-zone vacant and abandoned properties in every ward to the specifications of new businesses and houses
Best for Business: Reorganize existing resources to create a planning and development agency dedicated to creating the best business climate in Michigan

Taking Care of All of Our Neighborhoods

Neighborhood Action Teams: Organize existing city workers into teams accountable for improving our community through collaboration and joint planning
Safe Streets: Open a police mini-station in every ward for community police patrols to decrease crime in neighborhoods and around schools, parks, hospitals, and businesses Learn Here, Live Here: Assist college graduates with buying homes in Flint to strengthen our neighborhoods and retain their expertise to help attract 21st century enterprises

Improving Our Schools for All Students

Community Schools Plus: Establish a citywide network of community and senior centers in cooperation with schools and churches
Citywide Youth Council: Create a youth council to bring together high school and college students to inform executive decisions about jobs, neighborhoods, and education
Great Start: Invest 1% of the general fund (more than $500,000) into city services that directly improve the lives of young children

Creating a 21st Century City Hall

Rapid Response: Coordinate city agencies and partners to maximize federal and state grant and stimulus funds
Open Online for Business: Help current and new businesses through an online and streamlined regulation, license and assistance process
Grade Your Government: Allow citizens to rate city services and post annual report cards for departments and appointees including City Administrator, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Planning & Development Officer, and Green City Coordinator

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