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What Happens Next?

The court process determines what happens duting the course of the case. The following provides a basic outline of the court process and your interaction with VAP.

  1. A crime is committed. The victim's first contact should be with the Police Department, who will take a report and assign a case number to the incident.

  2. The case is assigned to the Detective Bureau. A detective may conduct further investigation into the incident including contacting the victim. The detective will then prepare a complaint/warrant for review by the City Attorney's Office.

  3. Complaint/Warrant is signed. If the City Attorney believes that there is sufficient basis to proceed with the charges, the City Attorney will sign the complaint/warrant. The complaint/warrant must also be signed by a complaint witness - either the victim or detective, depending on the facts and circumstances. Finally, the complaint/warrant is signed by the judge. Once the judge signs the complaint/warrant , a warrant is issued for the defendant.

  4. Initial contact with the VAP. If the victim is to sign the warrant, then the victim will meet with a member of the VAP at that time. If a detective signs the warrant, then the VAP will contact the victim to discuss the case. The victim advocate serves as a link between the victim, the court and the Flint City Attorney's Office. The victim advocate will also assist the victim with questions or concerns they may have and provide referrals or resource information as needed. The victim advocate will also set an appointment for the victim to meet with the City Attorney to discuss the possible outcome of the case. The victim advocate will also contact the victim to notify the victim of upcoming court dates.

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