Fire Safety Month Safety Tips
Fire Prevention Month
October is Fire Prevention Month.  The history of National Fire Prevention Week has it roots in the Great Chicago Fire, which occurred on October 9, 1871.
There are many things that people can do to improve their safety at home, school, or work from a FIRE!
Fire Safety Map
Have an escape plan that includes:
  1. Two different ways out.
  2. Someone assigned to help those that need help getting out.
  3. Someone assigned to call 911.
  4. A meeting place for everyone once they get out.

Smoke Detectors The Fire Department recommends installing smoke detectors in all hallways and bedrooms in your home. Smoke detector devices should bear the Underwriters Laboratories seal. We recommend you follow the manufacturer's installation instructions.


GET OUT of the House or building and

Find great activities and resources at these Web sites featuring Smokey Bear and Sparky the Fire Dog.

Request a Fire Rig at your Event:
Send in the request form to have the Flint Fire Department  bring a Fire Truck to your


Discover what things that a firefighter uses when putting out a fire.
How Stuff Works
Discover what equipment firefighters use to put out fires., see the special clothes that firefighters wear to keep them safe.

How Fire Works
How Fire Extinguishers Work
How Fire Engines Work

How Smoke Detectors Work
Why does smoke come from a fire?


Fire Safety - Flint Children's Museum.     Tuesday, October 17, 2006 , 10:00am to 2:00pm. Flint Fire Department will engage children in fire safety activities with the smoke house, fire truck and other educational programming.




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