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2003 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
Please click below to access the City of Flint Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. The following documents are available for viewing in Portable Document Format (PDF) using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please allow 1-2 Minutes for upload.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2003 10.  Computation of Direct and Overlapping Bonded Debt - UNAUDITED
1.  General Governmental Expenditures by Function
Last15 Fiscal Years

11.a Schedule of Revenue Bond Coverage Hurley Medical Center Revenue Bonds - UNAUDITED
Last 15 FiscalYear

2.   Computation of Legal Debt Margin 11b.Schedule of Revenue Bond Coverage Water Supply System Revenue Bonds - UNAUDITED
Last 15 Fiscal Years
3.  Property Tax Levies and Collections
Last 15 Fiscal Years
12a. Debt Service Requirements To Maturity - Governmental-Type Activity
4.   Assessed and Estimated Actual Value of Taxable Property
Lsay 15 Fiscal Years
12b. Debt Service Requirements To Maturity - Business-Type Activities
5.Property Tax Rates and Tax Levies- Direct and Overlapping Governments Last 15 Fiscal Years 13. Demographic Statistics
6. Principal Ad Valorem Taxpayers 14-2 Revised. Miscellaneous Statistical Data – UNAUDITED
7.  Computation of Legal Debt Margin 15. Salaries and Surety Bonds of Principal Officials – UNAUDITED
8. Ratio of Net General Bonded Debt to Assessed Value and Net Bonded Debt per Capita - Unaudited Last 15 Fiscal Years 16. Property Value, Construction & Bank Deposits - UNAUDITED
9. Ratio of Annual Debt Service Expenditures for General Obligation Bonded Debt to Total General Governmental Expenditures - Unaudited Last 15 Fiscal Years 17. Employee' Retirement System -
Comparative Schedule Acturial Valuations - UNAUDITED


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