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Budget Management

The Finance Office is responsible for the developme
implementation and monitoring of the City's annual operating, debt, and capital improvements budgets. Also advises the Mayor, City Council and administrative staff on bu
dgetary issues.

The Fiscal Year Budget for the City of Flint serves four fundamental purposes:

Policy Guide

The Budget as a Policy Document serves to inform the reader about the City of Flint and its policies. The Budget includes organizational wide financial and programmatic policies and goals that address non-financial goals and objectives, long-term concer
ns and issues, as well as its short-term financial and operational policies that guide the development of the budget for the upcoming year. This Budget document details the services that the City of Flint will provide during the twelve-month period from July1,  through June 30. The Departmental Budget sections provide goals, objectives and performance measures for each department for the upcoming year.

Financial Plan

As a financial plan, the Budget details the costs associated with providing municipal services and how the services will be funded. The General Fund section includes a summary and detail description of all revenues and expenditures. Specific fund section also describes revenues and expenditures sources and uses and significant trends affecting specific fund. The Budget document explains the underlying assumptions for the revenue estimates and discusses important revenue trends. In addition, there is discussion of the City of Flint accounting structure and budgetary policies.

Operations Guide
As an operations guide, the Budget details how departments and the funds are organized. The Budget informs the reader
s of all the activities; services and functions carried out by each department. In addition, the Budget provides performance measurements of organizational-wide objectives to aid in monitoring the progress of the City of Flint. Each departmental budget section includes a description of the department’s function, its goals and objectives, performance indicators, authorized positions within the organizational structure, budget highlights, and the budgetary appropriation. 

Communication Device

As a communication device, the Budget provides summary information to aid the readers in interpreting the document. Charts, graphs, tables and texts are included to consolidate the information as much as possible. The budget document also includes a detailed table of contents and a glossary of terms to make it easy to locate and understand its contents. Finally, the Budget includes the Budget Message section, which provides readers with a condensed analysis of the fiscal plans of the City of Flint for the upcoming fiscal year.

Budget Management

Business Hours: Monday to Friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

City Receives Distinguished Budget Award

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