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701 W Third Ave.

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Atwood Stadium is an 11,000-seat stadium located in Flint, Michigan. It opened on June 8, 1929 and has hosted high school football, minor-league baseball, and concerts over the years. Atwood still hosts high school football games today.

Originally Atwood Stadium had a natural grass field, but in 1969 began using artificial turf. Atwood's turf was ruled unsafe, leading to the stadium's closure in 1992. The stadium reopened in 1995 after $2 million in improvements, including a new artificial turf field.

Currently the stadium in undergoing key renovations, but the stadium is still in use for sporting events, mainly football. It is currently home to Flint middle school football as well as Central, Northern, and Southwestern High School football, and Flint Fury and Genesee County Patriots semi-pro football.

In 2006, most of Atwood's seating received renovations, with new vinyl seats installed.

Atwood is located at 701 W Third Ave., which is part of historic downtown Flint.