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Water Service Center

The Water Service Center (WSC) houses both the Water Distribution and Sewer Maintenance Divisions. These Divisions convey water to your house and remove the sewage to the Water Pollution Control Facility.

We repair the water, sanitary and storm sewer lines throughout the City of Flint. There are approximately 750 miles of sewers, 350 miles of storm sewers, 1500 miles of sewer lines and 600 miles of water mains in the City of Flint.

The dedicated people of the WSC keep these lines flowing. The phones at the WSC are answered 24 hours per day.

Our offices are open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00p.m. weekdays. All meter reading and service to the meter is done by the WSC qualified personnel. The WSC personnel also make all repairs up to and including the meter. We are here to assure that safe water is delivered to your homes.

Please do not dump any chemicals, oils or grease into the gutters or the catch basins. Doing so is illegal. Any water entering the catch basins go through the storm drains and directly to the river. If you see anyone dumping any material into a catch basin or into the River, please report it immediately. This way we can catch the person responsible and recover the material so it will not pollute our river.

If you have any problem with your water, if your water is dark, if you see water leaking out of the ground or see a fire hydrant running, please call the Water Service Center at 810-766-7202 and report the problem.


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If you have a billing problem or question please call the Customer Service Center at 766-7015

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