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Transportation - Operations Report

A. All Traffic Engineering Personnel Scheduled for 8-hour shift
 1. Electrical Section; 1 Foreman, 2 Electricians, 2 Apprentices
 2. Sign & Paint Section: 1 Foreman, 3 Sign maintainers, 1   Parking Meter, Technician, 2 Utility workers
 3. Analysis Section: 1 Coordinator, 1 Traffic Analyst
B. Stand-By
 1. One electrician and one Sign & Paint employee on week-long stand-by rotation to cover streetlight and barricade emergency calls
 A. Electrical Section responsibilities
 1. Maintenance of equipment for 276 Signalized intersections.
 2. 69 of these signals on State of Michigan Trunkline, City of Flint maintains thru agreement with MDOT
B. Sign & Paint responsibilities
 1. Maintenance of over 21,000 existing traffic signs.
 2. Maintenance and collection from 590 City parking meters.
 3. Contracted Painting.
  a. 277 lane miles of long-line pavement markings
 4. In-house Painting
  a. Major St. crosswalks and Stop-bars
  b. CBD parking stalls
  c. 460 School crosswalks and Stop-bars
 5. Barricading
  a. Set-up and maintain Flint July 4th Festival street closures
  b. Set-up and maintain CRIM Festival of Races
  c. Set-up and maintain other CBD Special Events
  d. Loan and monitor equipment for neighborhood events
  e. Respond to emergency barricading needs 24-Hrs/day.
C: Analysis responsibilities
 1. Coordinate all T. E. activities
 2. Maintain records of a11 control devices and historical files on all roadways
 3. Review, implement ever increasing Special Event operations
 4. Maintain Accident Report Data File
 5. Conduct Citywide volume and intersection turn studies
 6. Receive, investigate, respond to traffic complaints/requests from Administration/Council/Legal Office/Constituents
 7. Ensure compliance with Michigan Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices


Fleet Department

Phone: (810) 766-7165

Business Hours: Monday to Friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Transportation Admin
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