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The Engineering Division is responsible for surveying, street design, construction inspection, and materials testing for new construction or reconstruction of streets located within the City. Street inspectors perform staking for MISS DIG on street sites that involve cuts made in the public right-of-way by contractors or public utilities as mandated by the State.

Department Objectives

In addition to performing the day-to-day operations required to ensure the continued function of City streets, Traffic Engineering will work to:

  • Upgrade three complete non-trunkline signalized intersections with new poles, span wire/mast arms, signal heads and controllers as there are approximately 65 locations with the old type electro-mechanical signal equipment;

  • Complete the application of coldplastic pavement markings (stop bars and crosswalk lines) to of the non-school intersections citywide

  • Resolve the vehicle situation in which our fleet of service light trucks are approximately 15 years old and have been in need of replacement for several years.


Department of Transportation Engineering
Phone: (810) 766-7135

Business Hours: Monday to Friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Transportation Admin
(810) 766-7165

(810) 766-7420

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