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Renaissance Zone Information


Who is eligible for the renaissance zone's tax exemptions?

  • 1. Property owners, businesses, residents, homeowners, renters and other individuals in or moving into the renaissance zone will be eligible for the zone's tax exemptions if they:
  • a. are not delinquent on any state or local taxes; and
  • b. the property is in substantial compliance with all applicable state and local zoning, building and housing laws, ordinances or codes*
    • City Building Inspection Office will verify if properties are in compliance with the state and local building requirements.
  • 2. Individuals must be a resident of the zone 183 consecutive days to qualify for the zone's tax exemptions, deductions or credits.
  • 3. Residential Rental Property Owners (landlords) must file an affidavit with the City Treasurer at Flint City Hall, Customer Service Center, 1101 S. Saginaw Street, Flint, Michigan 48502 before December 31 of each year in the immediately preceding tax year to declare their property tax exemptions.
  • The affidavit forms are available in the City's Customer Service Center. Landlords must file this affidavit for December 31 each year.
  • 4. Tenants of the zone's residential, commercial or industrial property will be eligible to receive their tax exemptions, regardless of the tax eligibility status of the property owner (or landlord).
  • 5. An individual working in the renaissance zone, but lives outside the zone is not eligible for state and IncomeTax exemptions.
  • 6. A business relocating into the Flint Renaissance Zone from another part of the City of Flint must be approved by the Flint City Council before it is eligible to receive the zone's tax exemptions.
  • 7. A business with 25 or more employees wanting to relocate from another community (outside the City of Flint) into the Flint Renaissance Zone, must be approved by Flint City Council and the legislative body of the existing community before it is eligible for the zone's tax exemptions.
  • The City of Flint is working with state officials to develop the process for businesses and residents to apply for the zone's tax exemptions and waivers.
  • The City of Flint will notify residents and businesses in the zone of the application process once these details have been worked out with the state officials.

    Zone residents can change their state and local personal IncomeTax exemptions now by contacting their employer and revising their W-4 withholding forms. Just mark the exemption box and insert the following language to explain reason for the tax exemption:


    Are there other benefits available for businesses in the Renaissance Zone?

    Yes. The Michigan Renaissance Fund has $20,000,000 available to assist business development in the zones. This fund will provide grants and loans for site development needed to support projects that create private sector jobs.

    A project may be eligible for these funds in an amount up to $10,000 for each job created. These state funds can be used to finance land, demolition, highway improvements and utility relocations.

    The state will award Michigan Renaissance Zone Funds on a first-come, first-serve basis. Businesses needing assistance from this fund should contact the City of Flint immediately for help in preparing and processing an application to the Michigan Jobs Commission to obtain these funds.

    How will the Flint community benefit from this State designation?

    The Renaissance Zone designation is important for Flint as it will:

    • Enable the City to accomplish its business and neighborhood development objectives by providing a development tool to attract new private investment in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors of the Flint economy;
    • Enhance quality of life for Flint residents by providing job opportunities;
    • Rebuild Flint's economic base over time, which in turn, will generate funds for replacement of the city's physical assets, including infrastructure that otherwise would be difficult;
    • Improve the physical attributes of the community by providing a new source of funds from the Michigan Renaissance Funds, to replace antiquated and worn out infrastructure systems;
    • Be a financial incentive to stimulate growth in inner-city neighborhoods that have suffered from years of disinvestment;
    • Serve as a catalyst to foster economic opportunities in some of Flint's oldest neighborhoods and business districts; and
    • Enable Flint, its workers and businesses to compete globally for new business opportunities, which in turn will help the community to prosper.



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    bullet Location:
    1101 S. Saginaw St.
    City Hall
    Flint. MI  48502
    bullet Hours of Operation:
    Monday - Friday
    8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

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