NEWS RELEASE   3/6/2014

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Flint**, Michigan - March 6, 2014* *- *The City of Flint's Emergency
Manager Darnell Earley has issued Executive Orders No. 6, 7 and 8.

Order 6 "Confirmation of City Council Committee Appointments" establishes
the new Council Committee of Public Works, and Committee of Planning and
Development. It also revises the name of the Finance Committee to Finance
and Administration Committee.

The Council members on these new committees are as follows:

Public Works Committee

Wantwaz Davis (Chair)

Monica Galloway

Bryant Nolden

Planning And Development Committee

Jackie Poplar (Chair)

Vicki Van Buren

Scott Kincaid

Order 7 gives Authorization for the Presentation of the Mayor's Annual
State of the City Address. The effective date of this Order is February 28,

Order 8 is entitled "Council Meeting Protocol". The purpose of this order
is to refine the functioning of the City Council meetings to a manner which
is more professional, orderly, and conducive to the effective management
and disposition of the city's business.

Mr. Earley has noted in the 7 Points for Transition Management that
governance improvements are an essential step in the preparation for
transition back to local elected officials.

"This order is intended to make good use of Council meeting time while
conducting the business of the city; it is also very important tenant of
the transition management plan which will help assess the Council's
readiness for moving toward a Transition Advisory Board and ultimately home
rule order," said Emergency Manager Darnell Earley.

This Order is effective immediately.

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