NEWS RELEASE   2/13/2014

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Flint, Michigan – February 11, 2014 – City of Flint Emergency Manager Darnell Earley ordered the establishment of three committees within the Flint City Council. The committees on Public Safety and Finance are scheduled to meet on Wednesday, February 12, 2014 in City Council Chambers with the Public Safety Committee meeting beginning at 3:00pm and the Finance Committee meeting beginning at 4:30pm.

The third committee on Legislative Affairs is set to meet on Monday, February 17, 2014 at 4:00pm in City Council Chambers before the scheduled meeting of the full Council. City Council Committees and all other functions were disbanded under Public Act 4 by former Emergency Manager Mike Brown on December 1, 2011 by Executive Order #2.

Each committee is composed of three Councilpersons with one serving as chairperson. The committee meetings will be open to the public. The objective of the special committees is to begin reengaging the City Council in the legislative process through deliberations, staff presentations and prioritizing issues to be brought forward to the full City Council for action.

“As we look to the eventual return of City Council in their legislative governmental function, now is the time to begin that process,” said Emergency Manager Darnell Earley. “We have a lot of work to be done, and this is a better way of engaging the elected officials with the administration as we look to address these issues. The small committee format being adopted is one that will serve the City of Flint better under the circumstances.”

While the Council will take final vote on matters as a whole, the smaller work groups will allow for increased productivity and more direct focus on the issues. If need be, committee matters will be forwarded to a Committee of the Whole.

The Councilpersons on each committee are as follows:
Public Safety Committee: Vicki VanBuren (Chairperson), Jackie Poplar, Josh Freeman.

Finance Committee: Josh Freeman (Chairperson), Wantwaz Davis, Monica Galloway.

Legislative Affairs: Sheldon Neeley (Chairperson), Eric Mays, Scott Kincaid.
The chairman and membership of two other committees, the Department of Public Works Committee and the Community and Economic Development Committee, will be announced by Council President Scott Kincaid at Monday’s City Council meeting.

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