NEWS RELEASE   1/23/2012

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Flint, Michigan – January 23, 2012 –Flint Emergency Manager Michael Brown announced today the schedule for neighborhood ward meetings in Flint. Brown is joining with members of the Flint City Council to host meetings in each of the city’s nine wards beginning in February.

These meetings will provide an opportunity for residents to meet the emergency manager and members of his team, get information on the city’s finances and an overview of the Comprehensive Financial and Operating Plan that was submitted to the State Department of Treasury. Also, the meetings will give residents an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback. All questions must be submitted in writing at the time of the meeting.

Brown looks forward to getting together with residents and discussing his plan to return Flint to financial solvency. “Community engagement is vital in this process. It’s important for residents to have a clear picture of the city’s resources, responsibilities, and those things that are necessary, moving forward, as we get the city’s financial house in order,” said Brown.

The ward meeting dates are as follows:
Ward 1 February 23, 5:30pm at Living Word Ministries, 2001 West Carpenter Road
Ward 2 February 16, 5:30pm at Haskell Community Center, 2201 Forest Hill
Ward 3 February 27, 5:30pm at Antioch M.B. Church, 1083 East Stewart Avenue
Ward 4 February 20, 6:00pm at Eastwood United Methodist Church, 3312 Whittier Avenue
Ward 5 February 9, 5:30pm at Hurley Medical Center, Merliss Brown Auditorium
Ward 6 March1, 5:30pm at Bethel United Methodist Church, 1309 Ballenger Highway
Ward 7 February 7, 5:30pm at Flint Public Library, 1026 East Kearsley Street
Ward 8 February 28, 5:30pm at Neithercut Elementary School, 2010 Crestbrook Lane
Ward 9 February 2, 6:00pm at Freeman Elementary School, 4001 Ogema Avenue


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