NEWS RELEASE   12/20/2011

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On December 20, 2011, Flint Emergency Manager Michael K. Brown signed Executive Orders 9 and 10.
Brown ordered that Mayor Dayne Walling will receive 60 percent of his base salary, reducing his pay from $91,801 to $55,080 a year.

Brown also fully restored Walling's fringe benefits, including health insurance.

In a separate order, Brown announced that each member of the Flint City Council will receive $7,000 a year with no benefits. Previously, council pay ranged from $19,907 for general members to $20,856 for the president.

The mayor and council members' salaries had been terminated after Brown took office as Flint's state-appointed emergency manager on Dec. 1.

Under the law, Brown has the authority to fully or partially restore their pay.

"Mayor Walling shall serve as a full time employee of the City of Flint with responsibilities focused on economic development, master planning, intergovernmental affairs, and community engagement," the written order says.

The order includes a list of those responsibilities, including: facilitating economic development prospects; holding positions on various boards, such as the Karegnondi Water Authority, Genesee Regional Chamber of Commerce and Flint Downtown Development Authority; and holding open office hours and communicating with residents.

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