NEWS RELEASE   5/23/2011

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Five Flint Public Safety Employees Are Disciplined
Following Preliminary Investigation Into
Leerda Street House Fire

Flint, Michigan – May 12, 2011 – Four Flint Firefighters and One Flint Police Officer have been disciplined in connection with the April 17, 2011 house fire on the 3900 block of Leerda. “These five public safety employees have been suspended with pay, pending further investigation,” said Flint Public Safety Director Alvern Lock.

On April 17 the Flint Fire Department responded to a house fire on the 3900 block of Leerda. It was determined that the fire, which started in the kitchen of the home, was an accident. Firefighters extinguished the fire and left the scene.

Several hours later the body of a woman, believed to be the occupant of the home, was discovered in a bedroom by neighbors. “Proper protocol is to search the house for any victims. Our investigation continues into whether all proper protocol and procedure was followed in this fire,” said Chief Lock.

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