NEWS RELEASE   2/26/2010

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Flint, Michigan – February 26, 2010 – Flint Mayor Dayne Walling announced today the city of Flint will be forced to close two fire stations if an agreement on concessions can not be reached with the Flint Firefighters Union in the coming days.

Last week Mayor Walling announced the layoffs of 80 public safety personnel-including 23 firefighters. The public safety layoffs are just one cost savings measure the city is implementing to trim a projected $8 million budget deficit .

The layoffs are scheduled to take effect March 9, 2010. “It is my hope that we will be able to reach a mutual agreement before this window closes,” said Mayor Walling.

If an agreement is not reached the city will have to close two fire stations: fire station #8 on Atherton Road on the city’s south side and fire station #3 on Martin Luther King Avenue on the city’s north side.

The closure of these two fire stations will leave three fully operational fire stations in the city of Flint. Fire Station #1 in Downtown Flint; Fire Station #6 on Pierson Road and Dupont on the city’s north side, and Fire Station #5 on Western Road on the city’s east side will remain open. “All parts of the city will be fully serviced by these fire stations and our highly qualified and experienced firefighters. I am committed to the safety of our citizens and public safety will not be in jeopardy,” said Mayor Walling.

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