CeaseFire Flint Lifeline Intervention Networking Together 


What Is CeaseFire Flint?

  • The CeaseFire Flint Public Safety movement is a coordinated, community strategy to aggressively address crime and criminals in the City of Flint;
  • It is a new approach to an old problem that’s been plaguing our community for far too long;
  • CeaseFire Flint relies on strong partnerships among law enforcement agencies, social service providers, government, faith leaders, and the community at large for its success;

How Does the CeaseFire Flint Movement Work?

  • It employs a strategy of focused deterrence and strong enforcement with coordinated opportunities for some offenders;
  • The goal is to offer a lifeline through positive intervention services coordinated by many agencies networking together;
  • It is the belief of those involved in the Flint CeaseFire movement that changing lives is how we ultimately make the community safer;
  • CeaseFire Flint offers life changing opportunities for offenders (housing, employment, training), who meet the criteria, who are receptive to the benefits of this kind of intervention;

Why CeaseFire?

  • We can’t continue to do the same things and expect different results;
  • CeaseFire Flint is a new approach to addressing public safety concerns in the community;
  • This model coupled with other public safety strategies is a proven success in the reduction of crime;
  • The CeaseFire Model along with the Drug Market Intervention (DMI) program was implemented in High Point, North Carolina, a City similar to Flint. That community saw a more than 40 percent reduction in crime over a ten year period;
  • We are expecting to achieve similar results here;


Who is A Part of This Effort?

  • It is being led by the Mayor and Chief Lock in concert with Flint Area Congregations Together (FACT), the law enforcement community including the U.S. Justice Department, 68th District Court Judges, and local social service providers;

When Will CeaseFire Flint be implemented?

  • The Model is being fine tuned and Implementation is expected in the fall 2010.